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Malacai & the Israelites - Monkey Bidness

I forgot about this song!

Malacai has started to wiggle his toes and move his eyes, at this rate he will be snapping out of this coma any day now. Cai is seriously a goddamn legend and I have faith that soon this will all be another crazy adventure for him to add to the long list.



A man I choose to call brother, one of the best people I know was in a terrible motorcycle crash and had to have brain surgery, please send love, prayers, and hope.


David Lynch ph. - From Distorted Nudes series, couple

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The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.


Vincenzo Cartari, Le Imagini de gli Dei (Janus), c. 1608.


The people of Menyama in Papua New Guinea have a ritual that involves the bodies of their warriors. These ‘Aseki Smoked Bodies,’ as they’ve come to be called, are smoked for preservation purposes and then placed upon cliff faces so that they look down upon the village below. These bodies act as protectors of the village, constantly watching so that the locals feel safe. 

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Bless the deadheads and the goodies they bring home from music festivals, they have saved my summer.